Donation Wish List

If  you prefer to make a non-cash donation, you can peruse our In-Kind Donation Wish List for ideas.

Contact the MPJC site manager at (831) 394-1915  or email

FACILITY:  We are seeking a new rental or purchase location that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), with a kitchen facility, and ample parking.

o    fine point dry erase markers so we can keep the wipe-off calendars up-to-date
o    chisel point dry erase markers and erasers to keep our ESL classes going
o    ink pens that work
o    white printer/copy paper, letter size for all manner of printing tasks
o    white printer/copy paper, legal size for larger
o    pastel-colored printer paper for leaflets, fliers, and forms
o    white envelopes, #10 business size (for bulk mailings) and monarch/letter size (for return envelopes)
o    scotch magic tape refills for tape dispenser
o    picture-hanging wire for the art gallery
o    rolls of duct tape

o    rolls of paper towels for kitchen clean-up
o    single-fold paper hand towels for dispenser in restroom
o    toilet paper (with ESL classes and events, we go through this fast!)
o    bar soap for hand washing
o    tea, green – black – oolong – and herbal,  caffenated  and decaf
o    coffee creamer
o    coffee, instant and drip, caf and decaf
o   refreshments with shelf life for events and visitors  (cookies, biscuits, chips, etc.)
o   Bon Ami cleaning powder
o    409 or Simple Green or other all-purpose cleaning solutions for mopping floors
o    carpet shampoo (Resolve)
o    Donation of a professional treatment would be awesome
o    window washing equipment, cleaners, waxing supplies

o    a new, modern projector for the monthly film series and other events
o   Canon MF8350cdn color imageclass toner cartridges
o    a folding metal easel for a large whiteboard
o    a few large sheets of sound-proofing board to put over the door between the Center & the Yoga Sanctuary
o    a better system of wall pockets for pamphlets and flyers

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