Art Gallery

Gallery Space Available to Artists

The Monterey Peace and Justice Center (also known as the Peace Resource Center) has gallery space available for artists and photographers to highlight their work.

The Center is located at 1364 Fremont Boulevard in Seaside, CA.

The themes which represent the mission of the center are: Peace, Non-Violence, Social Justice, Democracy, Diversity and Environmental Sustainability.

For more information, contact Chey Diehl at or 831-899-7322.


The MPJC Art Gallery is sponsored in part by the Arts Council for Monterey County.










[This page is under construction]

Pink Roses, Peggy Olsen
Pink Roses, Peggy Olsen

December, 2016 Exhibit
Miniatures Art Show and Holiday Bazaar
Flyer ~ Sneak Previews

Live Oak Sanctuary, Paola Berthoin
Live Oak Sanctuary III, Paola Berthoin

October – November, 2016 Exhibit
Fort Ord Wildlands: Love Songs

Joan Baez and Ira Sandperl
Joan Baez and Ira Sandperl, 1964

July – September, 2016 Exhibit
Remembering the Inst for
the Study of Nonviolence

Black Lives Matter, Jake Barger, Carmel HS
Black Lives Matter
Jake Barger

Nancy McClintock: Enjoying a Meal
Nancy McClintock
May – June, 2016 Exhibit
Teens, Art and Social Justice
Carmel High School
March – April, 2016 Exhibit
Honoring Nancy McClintock, Clothes Line Project, and Jan Goff-LaFontaine Photographs

LAP: Stay Human, Booklyn
Stay Human

MLK: With Coretta Scott King
MLK with Coretta Scott King
February, 2016 Exhibit
Librarians and Archivists with Palestine
January, 2016 Exhibit
Happy Birthday, MLK!

Miniatures: Esther Lerman Dream Boxes
Esther Lerman Dream Boxes

Drones Quilt Project: Quilt 1
Drones Quilt Project Quilt
December, 2015
Miniatures Art Show and Sale
October – November, 2015 Exhibit
Drones Quilt Project
Honoring the Victims of U.S. Combat Drones

Maria Isabel Villa, with a supportive person in her future
Maria Isabel Villa with a supportive person in her future

Peace Lanterns ready to be launched into the bay, at the Peace Lantern Ceremony in Pacific Grove's Lover's Point on 8 Aug 2015
Peace Lanterns 2015
September, 2015 Exhibit
Missing in Colombia
The Experience of Stacy Hughes, Photographer
August, 2015 Exhibit
Peace Lantern Ceremonies

Larry Contreras in his Studio
Larry Contreras in his Studio

My Religion is Very Simple, My Religion is Kindness, by Paul Van de Carr
My Religion is Kindness, by Paul Van de Carr
June – July, 2015 Exhibit
Larry Contreras Oil Paintings
May, 2015 Exhibit
Seaside Artists Association

Renati Mannan: Iguazu Falls, Brazil
Iguazu Falls

Pratap Lama at Work
Pratap Lama
April, 2015 Exhibit
Renati Mannan Photography
March, 2015 Exhibit
Himalayan Buddhist Thangka Art

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