Trailblazing Women in Science, Technology, Math, Medicine, Law, and the Arts

VIRTUAL ART EXHIBIT: Just prior to closing the Peace and Justice Center in March 2020, to comply with the pandemic shelter-in-place order, MPJC presented an exhibit at the Peace Center in Seaside, California to commemorate Women’s History Month. The exhibit features poster art from two collections and celebrates influential women who have changed history.

Click HERE to take a virtual tour of this art exhibit as it is displayed at the Peace and Justice Center.

The first set of poster art is by four female illustrators from South America, Africa, the Middle East, and China. They were commissioned by Neverthless Blog to celebrate trailblazing women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The second collection is by artist Kimothy Joy. The posters are from her book, “That’s What She Said: Wise Words from Influential Women“.

The artists have made their posters available for free downloads.

🌺 “Women in STEM” Free downloadable posters:

🌺 “That’s What She Said” Free downloadable posters: