Civil Rights Jail Coalition of Monterey County


Civil Rights Coalition for Jail Reform of Monterey County (CRCJR-MC)

A  coalition of individuals and  members of local civil rights groups working to bring about reform of the Monterey County criminal justice system through community engagement.  Our focus includes the County Jail and Juvenile Detention.

Mission:  To bring about reform of the Monterey County criminal justice system through community engagement, partnerships, legislative advocacy, and accountability by our government and elected officials.  More broadly, we seek to reform and reduce incarceration in California prisons.

Since forming in December 2013, CRCJR-MC’s accomplishments include:

  • Met with the Sheriff and staff to discuss jail conditions, inmate needs, and policies that put an unjust financial burden on the families of inmates.
  • Met with the Chief of Probation to discuss reforms that can get un-sentenced people out of jail safely.
  • Lobbied the Sheriff’s Department to end the practice of using shackles and chains on people visiting with their families. They were subsequently removed on 60% of the jail population.
  • Initiated a request to the Community Corrections Partnership to investigate private contractor Behavioral Intervention (BI), Incorporated’s under-performance for $1M contractual day reporting services. Resulted in reduced contract and cost to taxpayers, plus better services to those leaving prison.
  • Over 1000 petition signatures gathered outside the community and in front of the County Jail calling for improved conditions within the jail, including better health care, less expensive phone fees, more educational and employment programs for those detained.
  • Consistent lobbying for long-term solutions to jail overcrowding, such as the implementation of split-sentencing, lowering of the bail schedule, and increased use of rehabilitation services for drug-related offenses.
  • Conducted a teach-in at the Board of Supervisors to inform the public and media about conditions in local jails.
  • Published opinion pieces and letters in local newspapers about needed reforms in bail and “pre trial services” that could remove many nonviolent detains from jail and re-unite families.
  • Wrote a letter to the Presiding Judge of Monterey County challenging the unfairness of the bail schedule which burdens the poor and non-white.
  • Nominated former Public Defender James Egar for the 2016 Baha’i Human Rights Award for Monterey County, who was honored and recognized for his efforts to obtain adequate medical care and humane treatment for inmates in Monterey County as well as for his work on behalf of indigent defendants.

Coalition Organizations: 

  • Initiate Justice
  • Motivating Individuals for Leadership in Public Advancement (MILPA)
  • United Farm Workers Foundation (UFW)
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
  • Dignity and Power Now
  • Monterey Peace and Justice Center (MPJC)
  • Behr Communications
  • Veterans for Peace
  • Direct Action Monterey Network (DAMN)
  • Monterey County Education Project
  • Progressive Democrats of America – Monterey Area

Contact Us

P.O. Box 1823
Seaside, CA 92955
(831) 899-7322
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