PEACE DEMONSTRATION: Opposing U.S. Intervention in Ukraine, Tue, May 13, 4pm

PEACE DEMONSTRATION:  To oppose U.S. Intervention in Ukraine.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

4:00  pm   Gather at Window-on-the-Bay, on Del Monte Blvd. at Camino El Estero in Monterey

5:00  pm   Walk to Farmers Market on Alvarado to distribute leaflets to the crowd.

Join us on Tuesday, May 13 at 4:00 pm for a demonstration against U.S. intervention in Ukraine.  After we gather at the rally for an hour we’ll march to the Farmers Market around 5:00 pm to distribute flyers.  Signs and flyes will be provided.

Other ACTION you can take:  

SIGN the online petition at

Contact Congress and the White House and demand:

  • That the U.S. government and all its public, secret, official and unofficial agencies immediately cease all forms of intervention in Ukraine, including all material and political aid to fascist and right-wing organizations within the country;
  • That all sanctions and threats of sanctions against the Russian Federation be dropped — sanctions are an act of war;
  • That U.S. military forces immediately be withdrawn from the Eastern European region and that NATO’s expansion and provocative actions against Russia be ended.

Senator Dianne Feinstein: 202-224-3841
Senator Barbara Boxer: 202-224-3553
Congressman Sam Farr: 202-225-1861 or 831-424-7099
President Barack Obama: 202-456-1111

Background articles:  

April 16, 2014:  Ukraine through the U.S. Looking Glass

May 10, 2014: Burning Ukraines Protesters Alive

Robert Parry is a distinguished American investigative journalist who closely covers the subject of neo-Nazi activity in Ukraine.  


One thought on “PEACE DEMONSTRATION: Opposing U.S. Intervention in Ukraine, Tue, May 13, 4pm

  1. Standing on the street and holding up a few signs won’t do much of anything except make people feel less guilty for voting for pro-war, pro-fascist candidates because they have a “D” after their name.

    We are in the 14th year of the Bush/Obama Crime Family regime and moving full speed ahead in carrying out the Full Spectrum Dominance agenda for the Project For A New American Century of controlling the planet.

    I didn’t sign the petition because they haven’t stopped the course of action in the above paragraph from proceeding. Nor have all the “feel-good” anti-war marches in the past.

    Obama, Feinstein, and Boxer have violated their oaths of office and have violated the fundamental doctrine of the Geneva Convention and the Nuremburg Principles, formulated after World War Two, and as far as I’m concerned, should be put on trial as were Japanese soldiers for water-boarding POW’s or as we call it – “enhanced interrogation,” as well as convicting some Nazis for various reasons, including the infamous waterless shower treatment of many detainees extraordinarily renditioned to austerity camps and/or enhanced labor facilities for the war effort.

    The biggest Holocaust in human history was the slaughter of between 20,000,000-25,000,000 Soviet citizens and military by the Germans and the “international community” allied with the Nazi government of the Third Reich.

    75% of Germany military forces fought on the Eastern Front in WW2 where,( contrary to the Hollywood movie versions of the war ), most of the fighting took place. Just in the six month Battle of Stalingrad, the Soviets lost more people there than US Army, Navy, and Army Air Corps personnel combined, fighting against Germany and Italy.

    NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) are henchman or hit man for the US/British capitalist class and the infamous “international bankers,” based on Wall Street, and are the real threat to humanity.

    As I’ve said before and cursed it, Marshall Phillipe Petain of France was more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than President Dronebama.Why? When the “superman” marched across France, circumventing the Maginot Line, that country was defeated within five weeks. The “armistice” which the elderly General wanted – not because he liked Adolph Hitler or the twisted, misanthropic psychopathic-sadistic Nazi agenda, but to save French lives from being slaughtered – both military and civilian.Basically the deal was this: “Don’t touch the French Jews as they are French citizens and productive members of society, but we’ll turn in non-French Jews fleeing other countries where the German Waffen SS and Coalition of the Willing SS units turned them in for rendition to the various camps and/or holding facilities to be killed or forced to work (the survivors) until war’s end or from the liberation by Red Army, American and British troops.

    Footnote: During the war, the French people didn’t want to be occupied by German (and Italian) troops, but knowing the Nazis were anti-union, anti-socialist, anti-communist, and against the anarchists, they tolerated the Occupation, knowing full well these “progressives” would be killed or sent to Germany to the labor facilities where workers were in short supply. Hence, the “Vichy government. Collaborators? Who fled France seeking safe haven in England while conducting terrorist operations in France, and didn’t return until the German defeat was eminent. You guessed it! None other than Charles DeGaulle.

    75% of French Jews survived the occupation, whereas only 27% of Dutch Jews survived the German occupation of the Netherlands. Go to the Carmel Library and look in the book “Amsterdam” for those numbers. On the paragraph above, it was in a book at the Legion of Honor bookstore in San Francisco on Japanese woodcarving displays in Paris, in the 1840’s.

    As I talked to Veterans For Peace lecturer, Elliot Adams last year at the PRC, he agreed that we’ve (the pro-corporate, pro-capitalist) media) has been demonizing Vladimir Putin and the Russians in general on a daily basis, in order to condition – easily, the non-inquisitive, docile, and willfully ignorant American people to risk WW3 to “save their freedoms” from the “Bear.”

    Only Russian hydrogen bombs (too many survivors with atomic bombs) and the ability to successfully hit their targets may be the only deterrent to prevent the next world war,

    On the Ukraine situation. We have the Dish Network so Eleanor and I watch Channel 280 (Russia Today) or on the internet and have watched the neo-nazi, pro-Wall Street, pro-NATO Ukrainian thugs beat and kill the anti-fascist Ukrainian people. They are the ones war criminals Obama & John Kerry are SUPPORTING! The Swift Boat Veterans were right about his “questionable war wounds” in Vietnam.

    Finally, the world is in the most violent of the four Yugas – the Kali Yuga. (ancient Indian mysticism) where the destruction of the planet is occurring. Besides bombs & bullets, think of Monsanto and the monster (GMO’s) which it has unleashed on Mother Earth.

    Interesting times……………

    onion breath frank

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