Sat Oct 13 State-Owned Banks with Laura Wells

Join Laura Wells and other activists for a round-table discussion on alternative economics at 4:30 prior to the evening event.  Contact for location. 

Saturday, October 13, 7:00 pm, Financial expert, Laura Wells,the Green Party candidate for governor in 2010, speaks about Exploring the Option of a State-Owned Bank, Peace Resource Center, 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside
A wave of change is beginning in which public officials, candidates and organized citizens are proposing public banks around the country. Why? North Dakota has had a state bank for more than 90 years, and after the global banking crisis was the only state with a budget surplus, not a deficit. Rather than competing with local banks and credit unions, public banks partner with them and, in fact, improve their ability to lend. The State Bank of California would invest in schools, in students, and in local economies.   Laura Wells mastered her professional skills in the world of finance, in business analysis, computer programming, and managing complex financial systems, and earned a Masters of Education at Antioch University. She has worked in small businesses and large corporations; in the public sector and the private sector. In her years as a professional financial systems manager, Laura mastered the intricate worlds of stocks, bonds, pension funds, and real estate mortgages. She also has participated in five international delegations to Canada and South America to study innovations in participatory democracy and new constitutions.


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