August 25, Rhythm & Rouge !

The singing trio Rhythm & Rouge will perform a benefit concert at the Peace Resource Center on Saturday, August 25, starting at 6:30.  Funds raised will help support the Peace Resource Center’s English as a Second Language classes, which are offered free to anyone who attends.  Suggested donation  $20.00.  

The three women who make up Rhythm & Rouge – Stefani Mistretta, Trudy Davis Swift, and Janet Butler – have all been performing and teaching in various venues on the Monterey Peninsula for over 25 years.  They have touched the lives of students, and music and dance lovers of all ages. 

Three-part harmony is the mainstay of the band – whether it’s in a close arrangement of “Mood Indigo” or “How High the Moon,” boomer classics like “Helplessly Hoping” or “It’s in His Kiss,” or old-timers like Sons of Pioneers’ “Tumbling Tumbleweeds.”  Random humorous songs with such unlikely titles as “Big Hair,” “Wanna Be Seduced,” and “Chocolate is Love” give you an idea of just how eclectic their repertoire is. 

Rhythm & Rouge has performed on the Monterey Peninsula since 1991, with original members, vocalists Trudy Davis Swift and Stefani Mistretta. Stefani does the arranging , and accompanies the trio on acoustic and jazz guitars.  Trudy trades off on percussion with newest (1999) member, well-known local dancer and dance teacher Janet Butler – another fine vocalist, and an infectious entertainer.  



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