You are invited to walk with the PCMC or WILPF in the Fourth of July Parade

The Peace Coalition of Monterey County invites you to march with them in the Monterey Fourth of July parade.
They will be carrying the PCMC banner, signs naming the eighteen different organizations that are members of the coalition (those organizations are invited to bring their banners as well) and peace signs.
Here’s the information from their co-chair, Karen Araujo:
“For now, please note that: The parade begins at 10am. We are UNIT #24. Our staging location is in front of the Blood Center across from the post office.   (WILPF is UNIT #25) Be there and ready by 9:30am as our position may shift as the start-time nears and the parade marshalls adjust things. Plan on walking a distance as the roads near the parade route will be closed off.   We will have the PCMC banner, Organization signs, Peace Signs, Doves. You are encouraged to bring your Member Organization’s banner and signs with excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, quotes from the Founders, or generic Peace symbols. Volunteers are needed to move signs from the Peace Center into vehicles and from the of the parade back into awaiting vehicles. Let me know if you are available to help with this. Thank you.”    To reach Karin, email

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