Finding Help for Returning Veterans

On Sunday, March 4, the Peace Resource Center will host a panel of speakers discussing resources available locally to help returning veterans. This event should be of particular interest to anyone who works in a location homeless vets might visit. Come get the information so you can help these people get connected to the agencies that can assist them. The event starts at 1:00 with a potluck luncheon. Speakers panel starts at 2:00. For more information


One thought on “Finding Help for Returning Veterans

  1. I would like to thank all those that attended the March 4th ‘Resource for R. eturning Veterans’ Potluck and Panel Discussion! It was a great success in that the Director of Veterans’ Affairs from the Monterey Peninsula College was able to meet Directors from various local Veterans Associations organizations and and exchange important information. There is now an increased network of support that can reach out to better meet the needs of Monterey Bay Peninsula residents that have served in our United States military service. Keep your eye out for the Monterey County Weekly article to be released in April concerning local service members! The article will feature stories about veterans’ experiences in making the transition from a life of active duty to the life of civilian responsibility. PEACE ~ Caroline Kelley

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